Welcome to my tiny corner of the worldwide-web!

I want this blog to be anonymous for the sole reason that I can be completely honest, and totally myself. Strength in character and judgement is a quality I believe is extremely important. Mankind have made some of the worst mistakes in history because they didn’t think as individuals. And, (on a smaller scale) the decisions you make, the way in which you treat people and the action you take every single day, has some impact on your life, on others and on our planet.

So, I think it’s really important to make your decisions count.

However, as much as I value this quality, I cannot help but wonder whether I really possess it, as much as I like to think I do. As much as I try to be, am I truly myself all the time? Integrity is a value I so strongly respect in a person, and sometimes I feel myself slipping away slightly, trying to give off a certain impression. It’s always small, and perhaps seems meaningless- maybe it’s natural and everyone does it? I mean of course I want to impress interviewers for my work experience, seem cool in front of boys, and cultured in art galleries. But sometimes I feel a gnawing uneasiness that I’m not true to myself 100% of the time.

So this blog is a place where I will never be anything but honest, telling the full truth, and being completely myself. Unfortunately I’m not too interesting- I’m probably your standard 15 year old girl from London. I don’t have any crazy secrets, and I’m lucky enough to not have problems other than the standard GCSE stress, boy worries and bad hair days. But I do have opinions and feelings; and although by to some standards my life is ridiculously easy (and I am aware of how lucky I am), I still get overwhelmed and stressed sometimes. If I inspire, cheer up or console even one stranger just a little bit, it would make me feel so proud.

I also have a lot of dreams. I suffer from a ton of wanderlust, and I say ‘suffer’ because it seems to always get the better of me at the most inconvenient times, for example when I’m revising… (the insta-travel pages are the wooorstt)

To everyone else I may just be a drop in a sea full of writers. For me though, this is finally a place where I can write something knowing that it might actually be read by someone. As an extremely lucky person with a secure, amazing support network of family and friends whom I can turn to with ANYTHING (whom of course, I appreciate tons), this is also pretty much the only thing I can think of that is a complete secret for me, which I can’t help but feel is kind of exciting!

So finally, what can I promise to offer?

  1. HONESTYY (in case that huge ramble above wasn’t clear enough ahaha)
  2. tons of photographs (super-keen photographer here)
  3. lots of writing (I do not stop talking haha)

The rest is the unknown, so watch this space!!


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