In October, I went on a geography trip with school to Suffolk. Being a school trip, we didn’t get too much time to explore (for most of the day we were standing knee-deep in cold, muddy rivers, measuring samples of bedrock). However, where we stayed was so beautiful, and I saw some really lovely spots while being dragged to and fro the different bogs.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending on which way you look at it- everything ended up covered in mud), I didn’t take my camera with me and had to use my phone, so the photos aren’t the best:



This was outside where we stayed, almost looks like a film!


Lessons started at 8 (!!). I guess the silver lining for that cloud was that we saw some really lovely sunrises (during all of which I had left my phone in my room obviously). This might sound odd but morning light was something I really missed from summer (as the darker months approached), and the weather was really clear and beautiful. 


The evenings were the best- lessons ended, I could spend time with my friends and there were the most amazing sunsets!

For me, Suffolk will always hold connotations of late night lessons drawing tables and graphs, but it felt so far from the city, and was completely beautiful. It’s made me really want to explore the English countryside more, and has shown me that you don’t need to go too far at all to find serenity and pure, almost untouched beauty.

Crazy to think it’s only a couple of hours on the coach from London!

This was back in October, and now I’m in serious need of a break from the city… Anyone else sometimes feel like that?

P.S: I started this blog 3 days ago and I already have 5 likes across my two posts, and most crazily, 3 views with two of them from America!! I know this will seem like nothing to some people, but for me it’s amazing that people anywhere, let alone thousands of miles away are reading my stuff!  


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