Back on my Suffolk post, I said that I really wanted to visit more of the English countryside. Now I swear this wasn’t planned (I didn’t know about it until a day before because I cannot for the life of me keep a secret haha), but hey-ho last weekend was my granny’s birthday so my whole family decided to surprise her.

My uncle and aunt rented a huuugggeee house in the Cotswolds (they were upgraded from the one they originally booked because the owner promised it to two families- obviously turned out great for us!). Then, they told my granny that for her birthday, they would take her and my grandpa there for the weekend.

What she didn’t know was that the whole of the rest of my huge family would be joining her! She arrived on Friday morning and was able to enjoy approximately 10 hours of peace and quiet before all of the rest of us came in 5 cars to surprise her.

My granny’s reaction was amazing (I think she might’ve even started crying!) when we all knocked on the door on Friday night. She really is an incredible person, always doing so much to make her family happy, so it was lovely to see her so excited for the whole weekend.

Unfortunately we weren’t too lucky with the weather, so we spent the rainy, foggy (and at one point even snowy!) days mostly indoors, playing board games, cards and watching films or chatting together as a family.

My cousins and I had some epic games of hide and seek in the house- it was so big, I was finding new rooms on the last day!

And speaking of the house, it has become my dream place to live. Yes it was big, but it was so full of character and charm, with flaking paint, William Morris wallpaper, old curtains, four-poster beds and huge fireplaces. The furniture was all beautiful, and there were leaves growing all up one side of the house.




















I caught a few rare moments of sunlight- the trademark yellow brick of the Cotswolds looked golden!

I had a really lovely weekend, and would love to come back to explore the area a little bit more.

Really long post today, but it had been a while! Lots of writing and photos, hope you enjoyed it! Let me know with a like or even better, a comment! Always interested to hear your views ❤ 


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