One of my friend’s grandparents have a house in Bath, so to celebrate her birthday, we all stayed there last weekend. We met at Waterloo station bright and early on Saturday to catch the 7.45am train to Bath, and made it in time for lunch! So quick and easy, and the journey was really fun with friends, (even if we did spend the full three hours sitting on the floor, as there weren’t enough seats together!)

After getting off the train, we went straight for pizza and then for a swim in the outdoor baths. Early February freezing cold made us all apprehensive about taking off our coats outside, let alone stripping completely; but when we managed to brave the (almost sub-zero!) temperatures and just jump in, we were pleasantly surprised with heated water! So luckily no pneumonia.

After the swimming, we walked around the town for a bit before stopping for tea. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I’m so glad I used the opportunity to snap a tonne of photos because the rest of the weekend was all cloud and rain.





The style of the buildings is gorgeous- I’d never been to Bath before, and was not expecting how beautiful the architecture would be. I’ve definitely got a blue-sky X sunlit-building obsession- sorry for the torrent of samey photographs, I couldn’t choose the best one!

Sooo then we went for tea at The Pump Room. It was super fancy and us, a group of 7 wet-haired, touristy teenagers looked seriously out of place with the chandeliers and classical music trio. Nonetheless, the cake was amazing, and room was beautiful. I even got to taste real Bath water, which is apparently really good for you and ‘rich in minerals’. It was absolutely disgusting and tasted like the smell of money. I’ll get my minerals some other way 😉



After tea we headed home. It got dark seriously early, it was only about 5.30pm when I took this!


I made an attempt at light trails with a slow shutter speed:

img_2211-1The next day was really grey and drizzly, so I didn’t get any nice photos.

And that was Bath! I swear I don’t go somewhere different every weekend, I’ve just been very lucky recently!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think. I’d love to go back and explore a little bit more. This seems to be the thing I say after every. single. travel post. What is wrong with me?!





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