Happy International Women’s Day! Any of you going to the WOW Festival at the Southbank Centre? It looks amaaaazzzingg- loads 0f really interesting speakers!

Now, on a different note, I know prom season hasn’t quite arrived yet, but rather unlike my usual self, I decided to be organised for once. My school’s prom is only a few days after GCSEs end, so I thought I should get the agonising decision of a dress over and done with now, rather than letting it distract me in the intensive-revision period to come.

I live in London, and in the U.K in general, I don’t think prom is anywhere near as huge a deal as it is in America. I know budget differs completely from person to person, but in this post, I’ve included a range of different dresses, all under £50. Most of these are pretty versatile, and can be dressed up or down, though there are a few fancy ones in there (mine included).

Style is a very subjective thing, and all I can offer is my opinion, and my taste. However I have tried to include both classic and more unusual, modern dresses, and styles for different body types. I think all of these are absolutely stunning.

I’ve chosen dresses from three different shops, and have grouped them in brands and in price order from low to high, with links included in case you want to buy them. Hope this helps!


Although ASOS is very dangerous in the way it can be a complete black hole, sucking you in for hours which you should be spending working, it has been by far the best place to get an affordable prom dress. I’ve got mine from there and I absolutely love it. I think a lot of these look so much more expensive than they are. Delivery and returns are free too, so you can get loads of options and sizes to try on.

Petite Cami Lace Dress: £14.00

2 in 1 Lace Dress : £58.00 £19.00 (also available in red and pink)

Halter Strappy Back Maxi Dress: £22.00

 Satin Bandeau Dress£65.00 £26.00

Came Slip Maxi Dress (MY DRESS <3): £55.00 £27.50

Open Back Maxi Dress£35.00 £28.00

Tulle Layered Midi Dress: £35.00

Deep Plunge Maxi Dress: £38.00

Blouson Wrap Pleated Maxi Dress: £38.00

Rushed Cami Super Thigh Split Maxi Dress: £38

Side Cut Out Tie Waist Maxi Dress: £42

Jumpsuit with Origami Detail and Culotte Leg: £50.00


Misguided had a lot of dresses very similar to the ASOS ones I included, so to avoid boring repetition, I didn’t include them. It’s definitely worth having a bit more of a browse, the prices are really reasonable too!

Strappy Bardot Fishtail Maxi Dress£35.00 £15.00

Blue Plunge Halterneck Fishtail Maxi Dress (also available in red): £40.00

Nude Lace Skater Dress: £40.00


I always underestimate Forever 21. It’s amazing for basics, so if you’re looking for a more simple dress, this is the place to go. These are the dresses which you could definitely wear again.

Ribbed Knit V-Neck Dress: £11.00 (available in pink and grey)

Sheer Mesh Dress: £19.00

Surplice Dress: £20.00

Open-Shoulder Dress: £20.00 (also available in pink)

Glitter Maxi Dress: £20.00

I hope you enjoyed this super long post, let me know in the comments if it helped, or where you got yours from! I’d love to know ❤

(none of these photos are my own)





    1. Mine’s the sixth one (pink and long from ASOS). I think I might dye it dark red though- I’m olive toned and the colour just doesn’t suit me! They’re definitely very summery apart from maybe the last, and I tried to pick ones which you could wear again. Mine (in dark red) might make a cameo at Halloween?! ❤

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